When you're this blessed, you can only be simply badd

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Because of your help, we were able to help 1100 students in Mayflower, Arkansas.  Thank you!

June 28: Father & Daughter Conference, Dallas TX 
July 13: Missouri
August 4-7: Moore OK
October 4: Anti-Bullying Breakfast, Applebee's, Lewisville TX
October 5-10: S.B.O.P's Kentucky Tour
October 11: Zion Global Ministries, Cincinnati OH
October 13-17: Dallas TX
October 21-24: Lewisville TX
October 25: "World's Largest Anti-Bullying Party," LHS-Harmon (10am-3pm), Lewisville TX
October 27-31: North Texas
November 3-7: Houston TX

Community Outreach

Team Simply helping Moore, OK

Team Simply 

Simply Badd and his family 

Simply Badd 

Stop Bullying, Our Purpose